Help Chewie fix Japan!

Help Chewie fix Japan!

How about doing like the Jawas, help Chewbacca fix Japan?

Here’s what you can do: donate to an organization like the Red Cross, Unicef, International Medical Corps or Save the Children. Google has set up a great page for the 2011 Japan crisis, where you’ll find some ways to donate online very easily.

Another option is to buy prints of this picture from my Redbubble store. All the money I get from these sales (ie 33% of the price you’ll pay) will go to the Red Cross for relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific. Prices range from $2.87 (postcard) to $136 for a framed print. Buy a postcard and $1 will be donated ; buy a framed print and $45 will be donated.

If you prefer to do a direct donation but still would like a print (maybe you want to choose your organization, or maybe you don’t trust me and think I’ll spend the money on drugs), I also made a 0% markup version of the item on Redbubble. Here’s the deal : you buy any print of this picture from Redbubble. The price you pay is the Redbubble base cost, there’s no markup for me (the postcard is $1.92, the framed print is $91). Instead, I ask you to make a donation, to the organization and amount of your choice, for Japan relief. It can be $1, it can be $100, do what you can and what you want, but please donate if you get these cost price prints. Again, you can find a list on the Google crisis page, but you may also know some other organizations.

And finally, if you prefer to buy prints from other pictures from my Redbubble store, just send me a copy of your Redbubble receipt saying that you want the money to go to help for Japan and I’ll send all the benefits I get from these sales to the Red Cross.

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