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  1. Space Crusade is an adventure board game produced by Milton Bradley in conjunction with Games Workshop and was first made in 1990. While produced in the UK and available in some other countries including France, Australia and New Zealand, it was never sold in North America. In Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, it is known as Star Quest.

    It is a sister game to HeroQuest, which was also produced by Milton Bradley and Games Workshop. It uses many of the concepts of the Games Workshop’s Space Hulk and Warhammer 40,000 games, but at a much simpler level of game play.

    Don’t worry, I didn’t write this by myself, this is copied-pasted from Wikipedia.

  2. Space crusage ! Enorme, que de souvenirs. C’était l’initiation avant de sombrer complètement dans l’univers Games Workshop.

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  3. Yes, this is blood. Well, printed blood, not the real stuff (luckily).

    I don’t know yet if it’s hard to play, I own the game since yesterday and havent had the opportunity to test it yet. The only think I know is that it’s easier than Warhammer.

    Moi j’étais plutôt Hero Quest (que j’ai toujours depuis 1990, et qui est toujours aussi excellent). Space Crusade je ne l’ai que depuis hier !

  4. If it’s anything like Hero Quest, not too bad. One person is like the Dungeon Master and sets up the level with all the obstacles of his choice. The rest of the players have to go through, not knowning what they’ll find, or where they’ll find it at. If the Dungeon Master is really into it, he will make each successive level tricker, harder and different in such a way it always keeps you guessing and can’t sense a pattern. Fun game, that!

  5. I had Space Crusade, its like a simplified Space Hulk, but with more variety. It deals with Space Hulks, huge ghost ships that are adrift in space, and the boarding parties that move in to clear them out once they are rediscovered. You have blip counters, same as space hulk, but the enemies aren’t just Genestealers, you have Orks and Gretchin, iron men and Choas Marines. You have mission cards, like space hulk, but also wargear cards that you can customize your boarding party with.

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