Show-off section

This is the show-off page where you’ll find links to a few websites who interviewed me about Stormtroopers 365. This way you can compare the replies between the interviews and spot the discrepancies, and then email me with WTF!? messages.

And now the extra part: my favorite pieces of congratulations from web commenters (all of these are real)

  • “How about you get a real fuckin job” (sukonmybals, Wildammo)
  • “What’s the point of this link? Please attach a reason.” (someone receiving the link to Stormtroopers 365 from a friend, on Facebook)
  • “nice work, but you stole (or in nicer words; borrowed) the idea from johan harstad’s latest novel, didn’t you?” (koen, Wildammo)
  • “someone has to much time on their hands” (tony d)
  • “Someone really fucking lonley made this!”
  • “The creative idea was very good, but frankly the images became rather redundant.” (steveo7)
  • “this shit is stupid. stop your embarrassing yourself.” (anonymous) [this one is my all-time fav]
  • “These aren’t that great.” (sammyjones)
  • “Good quality photos a great concept, but this really isn’t that funny and some of them are just dumb and not clever.” (sherrie)


6 thoughts on “Show-off section”

  1. But, I don’t want to buy individual prints at red bubble, I would very much like to buy the entire set in a photo book.

    What would it take to make that happen?

    Bravo to you. You made me smile with your Stormtroopers during a very tough year and for that I heartily thank you .

    – Faintdreams

  2. @Faintdreams: I’m still pondering about this book idea. Several people have been requesting a book, but I’m not sure I can find a way to make it unexpensive. has good prices for black and white books, but as soon as you’re going for full color stuff with plenty of pages, prices raise quickly. I’m not discarding the idea but still need to think about it before I make a decision. The other issue is that it would require quite some time to make a nice book (I don’t want to just randomly drop the photos on pages).

  3. nicely nice nice niceness!
    this would be great as a coffee table book; maybe these would be interesting to approach?

    – collab with adidas x starwars
    – your local publisher/ indie graphic novel producer? (they always have great ways to save money whilst making amazing book-ness; Avatar Press, IDW, etc)
    – that you’re shooting on a Canon – maybe Canon?

    just some ideas

    it would be the perfect book for:
    comic shops/ photography enthusiasts/ skate,street,surf, gaming tribes/ sci fi conventions

    thumbs up to the universe!

  4. Woot! Yes, A book! A book!

    Indie press, maybe Fantagraphics or even Dark Horse Comics? (These are North American, though)

    Dark Horse does not comics / graphic novels now and they put out the Star Wars comics, so some relevance there. They also have beautiful book design.

    Anyhoo… I really <3 the series. Tres beau!!! Bravo to you for the creativity and patience!


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