What is this thing for ?

Why are you doing this ?

Because Star Wars is awesome, Stormtroopers are awesome, toys are awesome and Flickr is awesome.

When did it start, when did it end ?

The first photo was published April 3rd 2009. The last one should therefore have been published April 2nd 2010. However, because of 2 missed days in January 2010, the series actually ended April 4th, with this final shot.

Carbonite ?

What kind of Stormtroopers figures are you using ?

I’m using basic 12cm figures from Hasbro. These figures are great because they have many articulations, allowing a lot of different positions and expressions. The ones I have are from the 30th Anniversary Collection (2007), but the Stormtroopers more recently released by Hasbro in the Legacy collection have the same articulations. You can get some from Starwarsshop.com, Amazon.com, Hasbro Toy Shop, and any other site selling toys. And eBay too, of course.

''Bantha cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese''

What camera are you using ?

Who cares?

Well if you do, it’s a Canon EOS 450D (aka EOS Digital Rebel XSi) with the standard 18-55 lens. I got it for my birthday and that’s what got me started on this project. Note that the camera pictured above is not the one I’m using, otherwise how would have I taken this picture ?

Can I buy some prints of Stormtroopers 365 pictures ?

Yes you can, if you have money to spend on useless stuff. Details are here.

The Empire is using Paint Shop Pro

Is Luke Skywalker rebel scum ?


Where are the droids TK479 and TK455 are looking for ?

If we knew, they wouldn’t be looking for them, would they ?

5 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. I’m the proud owner of (what I thought was) the baddest-assest “Boba Fett – The Empire Strikes Back” action figure EVER made to this date! It’d came with/from a 3 pack I’d purchased in 2008 called: “EVOLUTIONS – THE FETT LEGACY”. (pkg.d w/”Jango Fett – Attack Of The Clones” and somebody called: “Mandalore – Knights Of The Old Republic)
    My question’s=
    #1. I’d noticed YOURS looks exactly the same as mine, but, NEVER is seen wearing the jetpack/backpack… WHY? Did yours NOT come with one?
    #2. I’ve NEVER seen the helmet removed in your pix… is yours NOT removable???
    Mine has the typical Jango, clones, stormtrooper ball jointed head w/pilot “head-wrap”/hood thingy and a cut runnin’ through his eye. (like Anakin unexplainably had in Ep.3 ROTS!)
    #3. One of the “52 Weeks With The Fetts” photos made me go check mine to notice: MINE DOESN’T HAVE THE FETT’s FEATHER CREST CIRCLE ON HIS RIGHT BREAST PLATE like yours does. 🙁

  2. Sorry about the very late reply, I didn’t get any notification about your message and didn’t see it until today.

    1. My Boba Fett actually has a jetpack. It can be removed, but I have made a few shots where Boba is actually wearing it.
    2. The helmet is removable too, but I don’t remove it for pictures because (1) I think seeing a plastic face removes a lot of the “realism” of the picture (you see that it’s a toy ; with the helmet on, the illusion works much better IMO).
    3+4 : On most pictures, I’m using a Boba Fett figure that I bought on ebay about 1 year ago, I’m not sure what series it’s from. I also have another Boba Fett that I use on a few pictures, it’s very similar to the first one except the painting on the backpack and weapons are more detailed. It’s from Hasbro’s latest “Vintage” collection. This one: http://www.reservoirtoys.com/1100-3579-thickbox/boba-fett.jpg

  3. Well, it seems they’re getting rare, but Hasbro re-release some Stormtroopers very often. They only change a few details like the thickness of the black line on the helmet, but overall the figures remain the same. Check out the current Hasbro Star Wars figures waves and you’ll most likely find some Stormies.

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