50 thoughts on “075/365 | Hands up!”

  1. Hands up!(NO! Not you troop on the left, the OTHER one!)
    me? but it’s a 9 inch plummet to the table below. i’ll be dead like canned tomato soup!
    (Yeah, that’s why we said, HANDS UP! You’re an Imperial liability, your being LIQUIDATED.)
    So the spray soap is … is just to …
    (To clean the mess out of your armor after you’re re-canned as Puree-na Bantha Chow.)
    Hang on, is this a ruse to get information about support for the rebel alliance network out of me?
    (YOU hang on, if there’s something you have that we can use. Fingers getting tired there?)
    Do you expect me tho talk?
    (No, we expect you to DIVE! Mwhaa HA HA HA HA HA!)

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